4 Ways Professional Resume Writing Can Benefit You

Posted on November 01, 2016

The best commercial office rental companies offer more than just a space for businesses to operate. Many offer secretarial services as part of the package, and some might include a virtual office program to help streamline services. We offer both these services and more at Gateway Office Business Center in Park City, a premier provider of commercial office rentals in Utah.

One additional key point of pride for us is our resume writing service: We’re committed to our customers once we form a partnership, and this turns your future into our future. We know how important a professional resume can be to your career.

Even for people with plenty of experience writing and updating a resume, there can be real benefits to involving an outside professional in the process. Here are a few.

Limited Writing Skills

Not everyone is an excellent writer, and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. Maybe you’re an accountant who spends their days crunching numbers, or maybe you mostly work with machinery.

Right or wrong, though, glaring writing errors will be noticed by potential employers as they look over your resume. Professional resume services take this risk away, and can often allow you to be more descriptive and accurate than you’d be on your own.


Sometimes your resume just needs a bit of a freshening up from someone with a new angle. This can be useful you’ve been in the same industry for two decades, or if you’re in a rapidly-changing field.

Whatever the case, it’s a resume writer’s job to note industry trends and make sure your resume is organized in the appropriate fashion.

Networking Struggles

Some of us struggle with the networking part of the job search, another totally understandable issue. Not everyone is a social maven, after all. Some people have issues reaching out to employers or struggle to communicate effectively, and even for those who don’t, it’s easy to fall into long periods of stagnation during the job application process.

A freshened up resume can be just the thing in this case. It may not solve your issues right away, but it gives you a new look and allows you to feel confident in the way you’re presenting yourself.

Changing Fields

Jumping from career to career is more common than ever, and updating your resume on these occasions can be tricky sometimes. You might not be fully up to date on terms or talking points in your new industry, or maybe you’re struggling to figure out which former employment best relates to your new search area. A professional resume writer can do some or all of that legwork for you.

Resume writing is just one of several additional services we provide to all our clients at Gateway Office Business Center. For this and any other business office rental needs, contact us today.