Karen and Marianne attend Continuing Education for Utah Notaries

Posted on October 05, 2015

Karen Muffett and Marianne Meek attended a special continuing education meeting to learn about the Notary Laws. Notaries have special duties as defined in the Utah Code. They are appointed by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor for a four year term. A notary may execute, within the state of Utah, acknowledgments, jurats, oaths or affirmations. Karen & Marianne enjoyed the opportunity to become more proficient as notaries.

The meeting was held at the Utah State Capitol, which for nearly a century has been a prominent Utah landmark. Since the completion of the Capitol restoration, the fourth floor now includes a beautiful expansive gallery space overlooking the rotunda. You can see the bronze sculpture of David Abbott Jenkins, the man who drove the Mormon Meteor across the Salt Flats to set a world speed record. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, is present in a bronze sculpture by Gilbert Riswold.

The Capitol grounds have been shaped by both human hands and the forces of nature. The lions (two pairs) are symbolic guardians that sit at the east and west entrance. The lions were also restored due to corrosion with Italian marble by Nick Fairplay, the four lions are named: Integrity, Fortitude, Patience and Honor. Many more Utah heroes and art works grace the space. It is worth the visit.