Conference Rooms

As your business grows, you need a quiet and cozy place to meet your partners and customers. While a simple conversation in a coffee shop or restaurant will do sometimes, nothing could be more professional than presenting your products, goals, or ideas in a professional environment. When you need a place for client meetings and business presentations in Old Town Park City, Utah the Gateway Office Business Center is a great option. We have a well-designed, furnished, and fully equipped conference room for you.

Providing the Space and Technology You Need

We offer the best in facilities and technology. Our conference room is fully equipped with all the equipment you will need and more.

An attractive feature is our SmartBoard. The SmartBoard combines the power of a computer with the simplicity of a whiteboard. You can save your writings and drawings to a computer file and distribute your notes to the members of a meeting. It functions like a computer. You can work on a spreadsheet and actually write notes on that spreadsheet and save the file for future reference.

The conference room has a projector with a serial, HDMI and USB hookups so you can hook up your laptop or computer to the projector for presentations. We can also provide any other audio/visual equipment you may need.

Make Gateway Office Business Center Your Home

Conference rooms are an important feature in every commercial building. They vary in design and layout, but serve a common purpose: to provide an ideal place for meetings and presentations. Ours gives you the opportunity to relay your message, give instructions, and share your ideas in a more professional manner. With all the tools and equipment easily available, you can talk to your team and clients in person. Simply put, we help you stay connected and maximize the benefits of today’s technology.


Hurricane Katrina prompted the evacuation of my family and me from New Orleans to Park City in September 2005. It also caused a multi-month shutdown of our headquarters office in New Orleans. Because of the professionalism of the Gateway staff and the “plug & play” nature of the Gateway infrastructure, I was able to restore my investment business without suffering any material setbacks. Within a short amount of time, I was able to establish a professional presence on par with our pre-storm presence."

John C. McNamara
Chief Executive Officer
Stewart Capital, LLC

John McNamara - Client

I've been a customer of the Gateway Office Business Center since 2010.

Its location in downtown Park City is convenient, for both my clients and me. Parking is easy to find. I enjoy working with the office staff; they are helpful, efficient and conscientious. They save me the expense of having to hire employees of my own. Office equipment is first rate. The Internet connection is fast. I recommend it to others with similar needs.

Robert Youngberg - Attorney at Law

Available For Your Meeting

  • Coffee
  • Breakfast or lunch served
  • Direct or wireless internet connections
  • Conference capability telephone set
  • Power outlets in the conference room table
  • Computer, wireless mouse and keyboard